Android on Roids

You may have heard of this Android platform.  It seems to be all the rage.  Well we here at Crank Software didn’t want to be outdone, so we have come up with a Storyboard Embedded Engine implementation  that will run on the Android platform.  Here are some screen shots of it running in the emulator.

The next phase is to get this running on actual hardware rather than just the emulator.  After that the plan is to integrate this support in to our Storyboard Designer tool.

You may be thinking to yourself “This is great and all, but what does this do for me?”  Well it will help speed along the development of your android app.  You no longer have to worry about the low level pieces of your UI.  A graphics designer will be able to design and prototype an Android applciation in fairly short order, and from there moving it to production quality is an easy step.  So think of it as a performance enhancement for Android app development.