Crank Newsletter

The Crank Software Inc.(CSI) team is very pleased to offer you an update on our recent advancements. If you are interested in learning more about Crank Software please register here.

The increasing demand for sophisticated user interfaces in the embedded market has been turbo charged by the iPhone effect. Consumers expect this next generation of functionality in environments that do not have rich CPU and memory configurations. They also expect this  from companies that do not have the sizeable development armies of Apple. This creates a significant challenge for a massive market trend. In short order everything from your remote control to your refrigerator will have a graphical user interface. The adage, everything but the kitchen sink, may very well apply.

There has been significant advancement in Crank Software in the last six months involving:

  • Crank product development
  • WebKit and Firefox development and integration
  • Customer engagements
  • Growing of team and partnerships

Our Crank product development is going extremely well and is currently ready for targeted deployment! We are very excited as trials have proven our technology to be very strategic and effective. Product attributes include:

  • Software free user interface design resulting in rapid development by artists and designers
  • Eclipse based product seamlessly integrating into your development environment
  • Simplified integration of the user interface into the rest of the system
  • Runtime with fractional CPU impact
  • Ability to easily move designs between heterogeneous platforms
  • Software upgrades via plugins to extend functionality without impacting the existing system
  • Ease of customization and skinnability

Current customers engagements are active, helping us to develop an intimate understanding of the unique embedded graphical user interface product space. Every customer has become a reference demonstrating Crank’s commitment to effective partnerships.

We have been quite busy growing the team and forming strategic business partnerships. Crank is pleased to announce strategic partnerships with:

The Crank technology and workflow could be your secret weapon to competitiveness! Let us help in your success.

Please contact us  to discuss our technology and services.