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Roy figured that the best way to learn something was to try and explain it to someone else. After years of explaining things while standing up, he decided the better approach was to do it while sitting down. Beside a poster of a famous starship. Learning from projects in defense, mobile, and game development, Roy figured out one more thing: real code isn't dead but it could be made better.

Webinar: Bringing UIs to life with Crank + Toradex

Toradex and Crank webinar

Here’s a simple question: When it comes to building embedded UIs, who comes first – the designer or the developer?

The “right” answer is both. By treating them equally, both types of people can work together to create UIs that are beautiful, functional, and perform on whatever embedded targets you have. With Storyboard Suite, designers and developers work in a single, unified workspace, allowing each one to create, customize, and validate UIs without any barriers between them.

And in our Bringing UIs to Life webinar, hosted by Toradex, we demonstrate exactly how you can do it.

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How to bring designers and developers together

“The job of embedded systems now is to figure out how to come closer to meeting expectations of strong, compelling user experience.”
– Jason Clarke

The key to building better embedded UIs is to allow designers and developers to use the tools they already know, provide a common workspace to bring it all together, and ensure the final result is as close as possible to the design.

As this webinar illustrates, Storyboard Suite lets designers bring in their Adobe Photoshop or 3D FBX files, add behavior, and validate it all on either the built-in simulator or real hardware. It’s painless and pretty amazing.

Jump to these specific times in the webinar to see exactly how this works:

  • 8:38: Bringing designs to life
  • 38:30: Running an app on real hardware
  • 41:45: Quickly testing out a design update
  • 45:40: Comparing differences between two design iterations

If you’re already on board, you can jump right to the Q&A at the end (48:00), where you’ll learn the answers to such questions as:

  1. Do you have to flatten the effects or blending layers for import into Storyboard?
  2. How easy is it to create custom widgets?
  3. Can you integrate a Storyboard app with Qt? (Hint: Yes, you can)

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if you have a Toradex Colibri i.MX 7 board, download and run our pre-built demo image to see real Storyboard apps in action.


Ready to try Storyboard Suite for yourself? Download our free 30-day evaluation now.


Try it now: NXP i.MX 6ULL demo image

i.MX 6ULL demo image

Curious to see Storyboard Suite in action on your hardware? Our pre-built and packaged demos make it easy for you to test drive different types of applications designed for specific hardware platforms, letting you experience the powerful controls and smooth animations that create beautiful UIs.

i.MX 6ULL demo for medical, white goods, and home automation

This image includes everything you need to get up and running on an i.MX 6ULL platform in minutes, offering the following demos:

  • Smart washing machine – drill down into operational settings and track progress through cycles
  • Medical – browse through typical patient diagnostics, electronic health records (EHR), and security verification
  • Home automation – play with temperature controls, check out local weather, and customize lighting throughout the floorplan

Also included are instructions for flashing the image to an SD card and running it on your own board.


To try Storyboard Suite for yourself, start your free trial now and see how easy it is to create beautiful embedded UIs from concept to production.