Crank Software Named Freescale Proven Partner for Making Graphical UI Development Easy with Storyboard Suite

Crank Software announced today that it has been named a Proven Partner in the Freescale® Semiconductor Connect partner program. Crank Software develops Storyboard Suite, a turnkey UI development software that makes it easy for i.MX users to build graphical UIs and ultimately get their products to market faster.

“Creating an embedded device with a successful, graphical UI is a priority for many of our i.MX customers,” said Michael Norman, Software and Tools Technical Marketing Manager, Microcontroller business at Freescale. “We chose to partner with Crank Software because we are confident that with Storyboard Suite, our customers can get the best UIs possible for their devices, taking advantage of a collaborative process and short development time.”

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Crank Software Releases Storyboard Suite 3.2

Crank Software is excited to announce the release of Storyboard Suite 3.2 today!

Storyboard Suite 3.2 brings increased functionality to UI designers and embedded developers continuing to make it easy for your teams to develop, prototype, and refine a UI until it’s perfect for a customer – both in function and in design.

Additionally, we’ve improved the overall usability of Storyboard so you now benefit from simpler tools for off-screen content editing, reference anchor points for more precise alignment, and control property functions for inline math. And, Lua can now be used to create animations and directly set table attributes.

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UI Developers Can Deliver In-Browser HTML5 Content Easily With New WebKit Engine

Ottawa, October 23, 2013

Crank Software, an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions, today announced Crank Storyboard Browser, an extension of Storyboard Suite with a WebKit-based HTML5 renderer that allows users to bring HTML content directly into a Storyboard Application and deploy it on an embedded target.

“We see the benefits of HTML5 and wanted to bring its capabilities to UI engineers without making them outsource WebKit development, which takes months and strains budgets,” said Brian Edmond, Crank Software president. “With Storyboard Browser, developers get exactly what they need – a version of WebKit that integrates HTML5 content into an easy-to-use Storyboard application.”

To get a UI development tool and a WebKit-based application that renders HTML5 content, product teams traditionally must piece together a multiple-vendor solution, but with Crank Software, teams can simply use the proven Storyboard Suite with the Storyboard Browser extension for a single-vendor, seamless solution to creating the best UI possible.

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Crank Software WebKit Chosen to Power Nintendo Web Framework

Ottawa, On. – October 2, 2013 – Crank Software, an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions, announced today that Crank Software has been selected by Nintendo to provide the WebKit technology that powers the Nintendo Web Framework. With Crank Software’s WebKit, web developers, in addition to traditional developers, can now use the Nintendo Web Framework to develop their newest games and applications on the Wii U system with the best technologies possible – including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. In a recent analyst briefing, Nintendo stated that there has been tremendous interest in the new Nintendo Web Framework development environment. Read More >>

FASTEST GROWING COMPANIES #6: Crank Software gears up for the automotive sector

Crank Software Inc.

Attendees at this January’s CES Conference in Las Vegas, Nev. got to sit in a sexy Bentley convertible outfitted with the latest technology from Ottawa-based QNX Software Systems.

Every time they pushed a button on the centre console, though, they were touching user interface technology developed by Crank Software.

Crank’s tool set, Storyboard Suite 3.0, connects to QNX’s back-end technology and powers buttons for climate control, telephone access, music and more.

Crank’s tool suite simplifies the UI development process, allowing designers to see prototypes and access feedback much faster than traditional UI development.

“As a small company, we’re relatively unknown, even in Ottawa,” says Brian Edmond, Crank’s co-founder and president. “Being in the concept car with QNX was pretty big for us.”

The company’s appearance in that car was well-timed, as Crank homes in on the automotive industry as a growth market.

“Right now, (the sector) seems to be searching for UI solutions because all the cars are coming out with LCDs and touchscreens,” says Mr. Edmond.