Designing a Rich UI for Industrial Electronic Controls with Storyboard

Crank Storyboard GUI Parker Customer Story

Whether a team is creating an application for automotive, medical, industrial, or a white goods product, there’s a core set of capabilities that the UI development framework they choose to work with has to be able to deliver, regardless of the target market. When we talk with customers during their development process and when we meet designers and developers at trade shows and events we tend to hear common themes of challenges and requirements, such as:

  • Time and resources are often tight, so the UI software has to be easy to use.
  • There are a lot of stakeholders and decision makers which means the design will likely change. The tools have to easily support design change.
  • The UI has to be able to communicate with the underlying system.
  • Applications have to be able to run on various platforms. Scalable design solutions are a must.
  • Team members have to be able to work collaboratively and in parallel to save time and take advantage of the collective skillset.
  • Performance is always a priority. Always. But so are aesthetics and solid design.

These challenges and requirements are true for most UI projects, including industrial applications. We recently interviewed a team of designers and engineers from Parker Hannifin’s Electronic Controls Division to learn more about a major product they delivered to market using Storyboard Suite. Learn more about their project, their requirements, and how they utilized Storyboard to create the user interface for their successful electronic controls product in the Parker Customer Story.

Parker Storyboard for industrial UI Development

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