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4 minute read
How to apply common GUI design guidelines to the industrial environment, from safety to user training.
3 minute read
Consider animations, responsiveness, convenience, and stringent testing to boost the effectiveness of your smartwatch UX development.
4 minute read
There are a multitude of factors that make 60 FPS an incomplete goal. It’s not just about an arbitrary number, it’s about managing CPU workloads to ac...
5 minute read
In 1990, the FDA published a report, Device Recalls: A Study of Quality Problems, that revealed 44 percent of medical device recalls were due to desig...
5 minute read
Smartphones changed the way we interact with technology, making smart technology commonplace in everything from Fitbits to freezers. More recently, a ...
2 minute read
Gesture-based UI refers to using specific physical gestures in order to operate an interface. Take your smartphone for instance. You can already inter...