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Consider animations, responsiveness, convenience, and stringent testing to boost the effectiveness of your smartwatch UX development.
3 minute read
Bring UX, architecture, and resource optimization to the forefront when building and validating your applications
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How do graphics, memory usage, and power consumption affect the creation of vivid and feature-rich user experiences (UX) for IoT devices? Creating the...
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Hint: It’s not watchOS or Wear OS   There’s a wearable war in our future and it won’t be the most powerful that wins. Alongside explosive growth in th...
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Smartphones changed the way we interact with technology, making smart technology commonplace in everything from Fitbits to freezers. More recently, a ...
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The technology of the future is getting closer. Not only are we getting a peek at what’s possible during this week’s virtual CES 2021, we’re also seei...