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"It's Piss Easy!" (... Storyboard that is ...)

Nov 22, 2009 2:50:54 PM

Storyboard Suite 1.0 has been out in the world for a couple of weeks now, or over a month if you count our early access release, and the comments and feedback is starting to come in.

When you set out to build a product, any product but software in particular, you are hoping to address a particular need or desire.  You talk to potential customers to understand their issues and concerns and you rely on your team's expertise and background to create a solution so compelling to people that they just can't live with out it.

.... then you release Product Version 1.0

You go back to your guiding customers and to new customers in your target markets.  You make your pitch.  You show them how you understood their pain and built them a solution, a real solution they can use today ... right now!

... then you wait for feedback.

That is the stage we are at with Storyboard Suite.  We've been fortunate, people are downloading and registering their evaluations (Haven't got it yet? Go get a free evaluation copy!) and providing feedback!  All feedback is valuable, but what's even better is that so far what we are hearing is that Storyboard is hitting it's mark.  It is allowing the design and deployment of rich user interfaces with a minimum amount of software development effort, allowing graphics designers and embedded engineers to focus on their respective areas of expertise.

The responses that we've received from people using Linux fbdev, QNX Advanced Graphics and SDL are all indicating that they are looking for a top to bottom solution to creating products with rich graphical user interfaces.  While it isn't likely to make it into our print marketting, comments like it's piss easy bring a smile to the faces of our developers, knowing that we're working in the right direction.

As part of the feedback we are seeing, there is a common question that comes up: Where are the widgets?  I'll dedicate the next post to answering that question, but for a quick answer read the Storyboard Designer FAQ entry or check out the Crank Forums to see how widgets have been holding you back your whole life and that with a bit of graphics saavy you can create a richer more expressive user interface for your product.


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