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    Android Support

    Mar 16, 2012 10:24:48 AM

    The upcoming Storyboard Suite 2.0 brings with it the ability to export a Storyboard Project as a native Android Application. Here are a couple of easy steps showing you how to do that.

    When your Storyboard Project is complete and you are ready to export to Android, right click on the application .gde file and select Export as Native Android Application.

    Next you will be presented with the Export Selection dialogue. Here you will be able to change the application name, specify which directory you want the package to be exported to, and how your application will be orientated and scaled. You will also have the option to select how your application with be signed … either by your existing keystore or one created by Storyboard.

    Next you will see the Export Manifest dialogue box. Here you can personalize your application by specifying the icons to be used with the Android application. By default Storyboard includes it's own icons.

    There you have it. After clicking Finish the Android package (.apk) will be in the directory you specified earlier on. I used the default setting and that places it in the current project directory.

    The next step is to copy that apk file over to your Android phone or tablet and install.

    Jamie Villeneuve
    Written by Jamie Villeneuve

    Application Engineer at Crank Software

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