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Preparing Your Embedded GUI Application For Linux OS Deployment

By Nik Schultz on Nov 25, 2020 12:08:25 PM

When building an embedded GUI application within a Linux environment, there are number of considerations to be taken into account. In this blog post and accompanying walk-through video, I detail the steps required to best prepare your embedded GUI for a Linux board specifically:

  1. Exporting your embedded GUI application for Linux
  2. Configuring Your Embedded UI Application for Linux
  3. Connecting Your Embedded UI with Serial Connection
  4. Knowing Your Embedded UI Application Options
  5. Understanding Your Environment Variables
  6. What is Wayland?
  7. Choosing Your Touch Library for a Linux Environment
  8. Executing Runtime for an Embedded UI on Target
  9. Running Your Embedded UI with a Linux OS GUI Environment

Don't have time to read? Watch the video demonstration instead at this link.

Watch Webinar - Preparing Your Embedded UI For Linux OS Deployment

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How to Avoid the Perils of Bad Medical User Interface Design

By Jason Clarke on Nov 19, 2020 5:18:55 PM

It may seem obvious that usability should be a top priority for medical devices. But, unfortunately, devices with poor graphical user interfaces (GUI) find their way into the market every year, posing serious risks to patients.

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Why Touchless Gestures Should Matter to Embedded GUI Development Teams

By Jason Clarke on Nov 12, 2020 1:45:21 PM



Are your development and design teams ready to meet the shift in consumer demand towards touchless GUIs? While there will always be a market for touch-based controls, there is growing desire and need to forgo physical contact with devices in favor of touchless interactions, such as gestures in front of (or above) the screen.

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The Top Characteristics of Well-Designed UI Testing for Embedded Products

By Thomas Fletcher on Nov 10, 2020 3:18:30 PM

Thomas Fletcher, Co-Founder and lead Storyboard product guy, walks through the ins and outs of embedded GUI testing in our Embedded GUI Expert Talks with Crank Software. By watching a replay of Thomas’ live video or by following along the transcript below, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges of UI testing in embedded display products
  • The importance of understanding your user
  • The main UI testing techniques and testing processes
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"Hello World" for Embedded UI and UX Designers: Storyboard UX Design Best Practices (Part 2)

By Daniel Conroy on Nov 4, 2020 12:17:13 PM

Working in the embedded development space as a UI designer is definitely different than your typical UI and UX development role. Understanding that the customer's UX is critical is still a core focus, however having a broader understanding of the way that the UI and UX is going to perform on the end target is necessary. Particularly as it impacts performance, which if poor, could kill your entire ideal UX vision.

In this blog post, the second part of a series on UI and UX design for embedded systems, we look at the benefits that a collaborative process can provide embedded teams, allowing them to work in the same space without bumping into one other. Crank's own Graphic Designer, Dan Conroy, highlights the things embedded UI designs should embrace, and the sidecuts that should not be taken when working on a UI design that's bound for an embedded system.

How Storyboard helps maintain the integrity of your UX vision 

Storyboard was built on decades of UI design and development experience where there's a strong separation between the front-end and back-end integration - the system logic. This enables a collaborative process for both designers and developers to work in the same space without bumping into each other while working. Speaking as a UI designer, Storyboard leverages design teams where I think a lot of other solutions don't. They've got a greater seat at the table which can really help the creative process. We're an award-winning company, award-winning software, and a lot of our customers build products that are award-winning as well - which matters to us.

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