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Crank Software @ TI TECH Days Detroit, MI, September 26

Sep 23, 2013 1:50:27 PM

Brian Edmond, president and co-founder of Crank Software Inc., will be at TI TECH Days Detroit, MI, September 26. Come by the exhibit hall to meet Brian and see a demo of the latest Storyboard Suite features and learn how Storyboard can solve your new and existing GUI challenges. Additionally, Brian is speaking on  "Accelerated Graphics in Virtualized and Non-Virtualized Environmenst on Jacinto6 and OMAP™ 5 SoC," during Track 1, Session 5, from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Come hear him present on how Storyboard Suite takes advantage of the underlying accelerated hardware to present rich and powerful UIs. We hope to see you at TI Tech Days, you can follow our updates on Twitter via #TItechday.

Jamie Villeneuve
Written by Jamie Villeneuve

Application Engineer at Crank Software

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