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STM32 GUI builder options for MCUs and MPUs

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STM32 GUI builder options for MCUs and MPUs

Can teams working with microcontrollers (MCU) and microprocessors (MPU) from STMicroelectronics find ways to save resources and optimize workflows?

While there are advantages to supporting a wide range of hardware types, many embedded GUI development teams find themselves struggling to port projects from one platform to another. Media assets, peripherals, power management, networking — all must be considered when planning out your product development roadmap.

We’ve partnered with ST as the high-end STM32 GUI builder for rich, sophisticated user experiences for STM32 devices (see the advantages here). On top of ST platform-specific runtimes that are optimized for performance, Storyboard applications are architected to separate the GUI from the backend, using a Lua-based messaging interface to manipulate data and work with events. Storyboard also includes:

To learn more about how Storyboard and STM32 MCU and MPU devices work together, including taking advantage of hardware-specific components such as the ChromART accelerator, visit this ST blog.

Interested in learning how to prevent STM32 GUIs from slowing down, freezing, or crashing? Sign up for our upcoming webinar with ST and Percepio!