QNX … 30 Years Young!

QNX is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and has come out with a refreshed version of how QNX touches your life everyday (30 ways of course!).

Crank and QNX have a special heritage.  Not only are we corporate partners, but many of our employees have had tenure at QNX and have participated in the development of some of QNX’s most significant products and technologies including the Neutrino micro-kernel, Momentics Tool Suite, Core Graphics and Photon microGUI and Aviage Multimedia Suite.

We are deeply committed to product excellence for embedded platforms, and QNX provides a great environment for embedded and we are already preparing Storyboard for QNX’s next release Software Development Platform 6.5.0.

Congratulations QNX on 30 years of excellence in embedded software development!


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