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Animations made easy

Most embedded GUIs were not designed for use with animations. This is mainly due to the environment that they grew out of. The first GUIs in the embedded market were designed for the industrial market were functionality was their only concern. The market has changed and evolved since then and the requirement for a GUI to be only functional is a thing of  the past. Todays' embedded GUIs are a key product differentiator, and this is not only true in the consumer market, every market is starting to see this trend including industrial. The problem with this trend is that frameworks and tools the embedded market is use to do not allow for simple concepts like an animation or a faded screen transition without a lot of custom work and extensions to the underlying framework.

There  are a few UI frameworks in the embedded market that handle these concepts natively but usually they provide you with no tooling solution and are tide tightly to a specific hardware platform or software stack. Many companies have tried turning to desktop solutions like  Adobe's flash so they will have a tool suite to enable their UI designers and developers but soon realize that using the tool set provided makes their UI unfit for the embedded space and they are reduced to using a text editor as they edit their action scripts.

Here is a  quick look at how adding animations to your embedded UI doesn't need to be a frustrating and tedious process when done with our Storyboard Suite.


The animation is a lot smoother than this video might show since I think I have to align my fps and the desktop capture software's fps a little better. But I think you'll get the idea.

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Originally published: Dec 1, 2009 10:33:56 AM, updated 03/23/20

Jason Clarke
Written by Jason Clarke

Jason is a co-founder and VP of Sales of Sales and Marketing at Crank Software. With over 20 years of embedded systems experience (with a focus on embedded graphics), and an engineer by trade, he is a mountain biking enthusiast and can be found on the trails behind the Crank office on a regular basis.

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