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    Building a Storyboard Application – Video #4 – Internationalization

    Jul 26, 2013 11:16:08 AM

    Dan has kicked into high gear and has video #4 in the Building a Storyboard Application video series up and ready. This video takes users through a small example of how to use variables in Storyboard to load new languages into the application.

    If you missed the previous videos in the series be sure to check them out here :

    Video #1 - PSD Importing

    Video #2 - Creating Animations

    Jason Clarke
    Written by Jason Clarke

    Jason is a co-founder and VP of Sales of Sales and Marketing at Crank Software. With over 20 years of embedded systems experience (with a focus on embedded graphics), and an engineer by trade, he is a mountain biking enthusiast and can be found on the trails behind the Crank office on a regular basis.

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