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Code in my veins!

It was a busy week this week in Crank-land.  We've been pounding away enhancing and further developing Storyboard (M1 milestone successfull ... CHECK!) all the while we're working with customers that are getting ready to deploy the Storyboard Embedded Engine into their products.  

In any case, I was lost in thought trying to figure out how to get Eclipse and GEF in particular to do my bidding when all of a sudden there is a knock on the door and a package from QNX arrives for me.  Ripping it open, I see that QNX has seemingly read my state of mind, and made up a t-shirt for me:

qnx-shirt-front qnx-shirt-back

This is a nice touch from QNX.  As a whole the Crank developers are pretty actively engaged in a lot of different open source projects, ranging from Eclipse to WebKit, and it is nice to get a small thank-you for the time that we invest helping other developers spreading our QNX development expertise, be it on Foundry27 or forums such as OpenQNX.

Cool shirts ... just the thing I need to get back to Crank'in out code:




Originally published: Mar 26, 2009 9:24:36 PM, updated 03/23/20

Thomas Fletcher
Written by Thomas Fletcher

Thomas is a co-founder and VP of Research and Development. With 20+ years in embedded software development and a frequent presenter at leading industry events, Thomas is a technical thought leader on Embedded System Architecture and Design, Real-time Performance Analysis, Power Management, and High Availability. Thomas holds a Master of Computer Engineering from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria.

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