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Try it now! Storyboard demo image for Microchip SAMA5D4

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Want to be able to quickly and easily interact with Storyboard Suite applications on your hardware? Our pre-built and packaged demos make it easy for you to test drive multi-market applications designed for specific hardware platforms, letting you experience the powerful controls and smooth animations that create beautiful UIs and rich user experiences.

Microchip SAMA5D4 demo for white goods, home automation, and even the fitness industry!

This image includes everything you need to get up and running on a Microchip SAMA5D4 platform in minutes, offering the following demos:

  • Smart washing machine - drill down into operational settings and track progress through cycles
  • Treadmill - play with speed & incline controls, browse through pre-programmed courses, and immerse yourself in the run with engaging terrain video
  • Home automation - play with temperature controls, check out local weather, and customize lighting throughout the floor plan

Also included are the instructions you need to easily and quickly get the demo running on your own Microchip SAMA5D4 platform.

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