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Crank Storyboard Suite application demo on STM32F429 MCU


Lately we've been busy crankin' out demo videos to show off Storyboard Suite on a variety of MCUs/MPUs and Operating Systems. The tool to design and develop the UIs behind these embedded application demos--Storyboard Suite--stay the same, but the variety of hardware used for deployment speaks to the reach of our supported targets.

The following Storyboard demo showcases two applications that you've probably seen running on other high-performance MPUs. This demo features the STM32F429 MCU with an ARM Cortex-M4 core running FreeRTOS.

***Updated with new demos***

We've been updating our video library with new demos and videos. Check out our most recent STMicroelectronics demo featuring a number of Storyboard demos. We've taken advantage of Chrom-ART Accelerator to boost the UI graphics without robbing the core of processing power that can be best utilized for the rest of the application.

Other Storyboard demos and videos are available on our YouTube channel.

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