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Jade IdeaBoxx by featuring Crank: Fast-tracking GUI design

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SONY DSCImagine you're a designer of graphical interfaces (GUIs) for embedded devices. If you are reading this blog, you likely resemble this. Now, picture receiving a box that contains everything you need to realize the dream of getting a functioning prototype of your designs up and running in minutes--on a real device, not your desktop. Pretty awesome picture, right?

This week Fujitsu Semiconductor announced IdeaBoxx, a complete graphics development environment aimed at designers of embedded applications. That's you! IdeaBoxx contains all of the hardware and software goodness you need to build UI prototypes quickly and deploy optimized graphics to the hardware within minutes.

Diving into the experience for Graphic Designers and the benefits to customers, this video from Fujitsu showcases how quickly users can take industry-standard design files, like Photoshop PSD files, import them into Storyboard Suite, create animations, and then see their GUIs on hardware.