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GUI Design with Storyboard Suite for the Renesas RZ/A1

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Crank Software GUI Design for Renesas RZ/A1It's Demo Friday! Ok, that's probably not a thing but it is Friday and we've got a new demo for you. Today's demo further showcases the scalability of GUI design with Storyboard Suite.

The Renesas RZ/A1 MPU’s unique architecture – with up to 10 megabytes (MB) of on-chip RAM and the ability to execute in place from inexpensive QSPI flash memory – eliminates the need for SDRAM from Linux systems, enabling high performance, low-cost systems and simple board design.

GUI Design demo for the Renesas RZ/A1

This demo quickly showcases home-security and washing machine applications built with Storyboard Suite for the Renesas RZ/A1 MPU running XIP Linux. The video shows the applications running directly on hardware, with touch interaction.

(Check out the 40 second mark to see how impressively fast we get the application up and running on hardware. Blink and you'll miss it!)



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