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LEGO: A Perfect User Experience

Mar 4, 2013 10:23:38 AM

I came across this post in UX Magazine on LEGO as a Near-Perfect User Experience, and it totally resonated with me ... and not just because I love LEGO.

The concept of building blocks of functionality with consistent and reliable interfaces is what makes LEGO work so well and it is something that software developers are always striving to achieve with libraries and functions we develop as well.  In Storyboard this manifests itself as a consistent design model with re-usable graphical elements that can be shared throughout your application design.  Plug-in new image assets and the UI will automatically adjust to show the updated content in all locations where those assets were previously used

While many UI's talk about Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns, Storyboard strongly enforces the decoupling of the UI from the system logic through the use of our cross platform Storyboard IO allowing UI development to proceed in a data driven manner independent of the sources providing that data.  Run the UI you develop in Storyboard on your desktop, your tablet or your deeply embedded target and plug-in the data through simulation, testing frameworks or real hardware interaction ... it all just works!


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Thomas Fletcher
Written by Thomas Fletcher

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