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Naming is hard to do

Mar 3, 2009 12:20:27 PM

We are in need of a name ...

We at Crank Software can do a lot of things:

  • writing software
  • optimizing systems
  • riding bicycles

We however are not good at coming up with product names.  We are in need of a name for our Graphical Runtime Engine and possibly the Tool.   Naming sounds easy but if you want to come up with something that sounds good, is meaningful and is not taken then it is a hard thing to do.  So I put the challenge to you the Crankanots to suggest names.  Have a look at the product page:


Now you have the info so give us your best.  Also if you have an alternate name for the tool we are open to that since you may be inspired and come up with a matched set.  If we end up using your name there might be something in it for you such as:

  • autographed photo of the Crank team
  • lunch with the Crank team, including the website personalities
  • an iPod


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Brian Edmond
Written by Brian Edmond

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