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On-demand webinar: Creating stunning UIs for MCUs

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Storyboard Suite applications scale a range of MCU to MPU hardware targets. We traditionally discuss MCUs in terms of low power, low-cost real-time operation, and MPUs as delivering high-performance and an impressive user experience. But is there a happy compromise in the middle of that range? Is there a way to get high performance without highly impacting cost and resources? Can you get low power while keeping a tight focus on usability and a modern design aesthetic?

Closing the gap with the i.MX RT MCU series and Storyboard Suite

Storyboard is tailored to run optimally and as efficiently as possible on specific hardware targets, so we are always able to take full advantage of each platform's unique performance capabilities and limitations. We recently hosted a webinar with our friends from NXP to discuss UI development for the i.MX RT series of Cortex-M7 crossover MCUs.

Check out this short clip from the webinar, where Brian, Crank's president, discusses performance considerations when it comes to working with frame rate and optimization:

Missed the live webinar? Now living with the deep pangs of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

You can sign up for the on-demand recording of the webinar and watch the entire thing over your daily coffee in your PJs. We won't judge.

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Here's a detailed list of the content that you can expect to see in the webinar:

  • Overview of RT family of NXP processors
  • Highlighted features of the i.MX RT1050
  • About the i.MX RT105 development evaluation kit
  • State of embedded product industry
  • Live Storyboard Suite demo
  • Storyboard architecture and scalability
  • Memory requirements
  • Performance considerations
  • Running an app on real hardware
  • Quickly testing out a design update
  • Comparing differences between two design iterations
  • Q&A

We also created a Storyboard demo image for the i.MX RT1050, so check that out as well if you are working with the i.MX RT1050.

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