OpenGL ES 2.0 — flexible and forward looking!

On top of support for OpenGL ES 1.x on Wince/Compact7, we’ve also been working on getting an OpenGL ES 2.0 version of our runtime ready for our 1.3 release!

OpenGL ES 2.0 has several advantages, one of them being the ability to gel nicely with newer/future hardware options for the embedded market, allowing solutions developers more choice.

The really cool thing that OpenGL ES 2.0 buys you, however, is programmable shading. Programmable vertex/fragment shaders make it easy to create visually popping things such as cell chading, ripple/water effects, roaming spotlights and more. Storyboard’s plugin model allows us to expose this power and flexibility, giving GUI designers more creative freedom. Stay tuned to the blog for more on how to integrate cool shader effects into your GUI via Storyboard!