Popularity of JavaScript is rising

The Tiobe Programming Community Index rankings show that JavaScript’s popularity as a programming language is on the rise. It has recently risen in to the top 10 of popular programming languages based on searches on the web. This article outlines the top 10 languages and goes over how the chart is tabulated.

Given the line of work that we are in here at Crank, it’s actually surprising that JavaScript isn’t higher. There seems to be a movement towards the language as a way of providing content to end users, and given the importance of the internet and it’s content to everyday life, JavaScript should be more of an integral part of the programming culture.

One theory as too why JavaScript isn’t higher is that it is fairly well known, and therefore there aren’t a lot of searches performed about JavaScript. That may be a weakness in the way that the Tiobe Programming Community determines it’s rankings.


2 thoughts on “Popularity of JavaScript is rising

  1. I wonder if they count searches for the plethora of libraries people use with it, like Angular which I’ve been learning lately. Probably not. Really throws the credibility of the survey into doubt even though I’ve been quoting it for years.

    But good to see you guys seeing traction with JS. It’s actually a pretty good language for what it does.

  2. Our main interaction with JavaScript is through all of the work that we do porting WebKit (and soon Blink) into various systems, mostly embedded, that require HTML content integration.

    As a language for use, our preference is Lua (www.lua.org) which has better performance and memory characteristics and is massively portable even to the smallest embedded system.


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