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Start your Embedded Engine with Storyboard Suite 3.2.1

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Our Storyboard Suite 3.2 release last year was packed full of new features for the design, embedded engine and browser. Now that it has been "in the wild" for 6 months and customers have been using it to create user interfaces (UI) for their embedded applications, we've been getting great feedback about which features users love, which ones could benefit from a little refinement, and which new features would be helpful to respond to embedded UI design pain points. We value the comments and questions we get from our customers, because it provides us an opportunity to make Storyboard better and to constantly fine tune the experience of building UIs for embedded applications.

SB_3.2.1We are excited to announce the release of Storyboard Suite 3.2.1, available now

While Storyboard Suite 3.2.1 won't make coffee for you (although you could use it to build a wicked UI for a coffee machine), we have added the following support and enhancements:

  • Storyboard QNX 6.5 runtime has been validated against the most recent QNX 6.6 release
  • Keycode support for non-visible keyboard keys such as function and arrow keys
  • Improved Polygon rendering
  • Added termination events for built-in table scrolling
  • Improved animation scaling
  • To facilitate working with multiple PSD files for different elements of an application design, we've added the option for users to add a namespace prefix during the Photoshop PSD File import
  • Embedded C Header Export supports all project resources, such as fonts, images, and scripts
  • Refined model comparison algorithm significantly improves the merge experience

If you are a current Storyboard Suite customer, you can update to 3.2.1 directly from Storyboard Designer.

If you aren't a current customer, sign up for a free 30-day evaluation of Storyboard Suite. This isn't a watered-down version of Storyboard. It's a fully-functioning version to provide you the opportunity to use the breadth of Storyboard's features to build UIs for your embedded projects.

Storyboard Suite 3.2.1 by CrankDownload a free 30 day evaluation of a fully functional version of Storyboard Suite 3.2.1 now.