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Crank website showcases Storyboard Suite embedded GUI tool

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New SiteWhy yes! We DID get a new look for Spring 2014. Thanks for noticing!

We've been pretty busy lately redesigning the Crank Software website, and it's not just a fresh coat of paint and new curtains. We changed the design, but we also paid special attention to making it easy for you to find the content on our embedded GUI tool that matters most to you. Because we've moved a few things around, here are some of things we think you might be interested in or looking for:

Storyboard Suite Trial Version

We are still providing a full-featured 30-day trial of Crank Storyboard Suite to give designers and developers an opportunity to use Storyboard to build awesome user interfaces for their applications. Watching videos and reading web copy can educate you about product features, but getting your hands dirty is the only way to truly evaluate a tool to see what you can do with it. And because Storyboard helps you create and deploy quickly, you can build a lot in 30 days.

Once you have Storyboard, you'll want to check out some of the following resources...

Crank Software Video Library

When I wanted to learn how to fix a toilet (wait, what?!), the great Google gave me 40 million search results. 10 million of those were videos. Many people learn new things by watching someone else do them first. A YouTube video turned me into a "plumber" in 6 minutes. While we can't show you how to fix your toilet, we sure do know a lot about building UIs for embedded applications with Storyboard. We know that designers and developers often flock to videos and tutorials to learn more about products and features, so we've been working hard to build up the video library for embedded GUI tool features on our website. Make sure to check back often as Fancy Dan continues to build new sweet videos.

Here are a couple of our most watched videos:

Literature - All Things Written on Storyboard Suite

Customer stories, whitepapers, articles and guides to get you up and running quickly - we got 'em. We've organized all of the written content on our site to make it is easy for you to find what you are looking for. We've also got some great new customer stories to share in the near future, so check back for those. It's fun for us to see what customers have built with Storyboard and tell the world about it.

While most of our website has changed, some of our heavily used pages remain as is, such as the Forums and Product Documentation.

The site is still new, so if you are looking for something and can't find it, contact us and we'll be happy to help you find what you are looking for.