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    Stop having a boring life.

    Oct 10, 2009 9:46:55 PM

    Man I bet Microsoft can't wait till Windows 7 is released. The last two products they have let out the door over the pass couple of weeks have not received a lot of good press. The Zune HD was released a couple of weeks ago and it didn't receive much positive feedback. WinMo 6.5 was just released and Business Week's review is less then stellar. Gizmodo doesn't have anything better to add either.

    Its funny how they mention in the BW article "Microsoft executives concede that version 6.5 is a placeholder until a more modern Windows Mobile 7 is ready." What's with Microsoft and the number 7? Will everything be better in 7? Are they playing the Lucky 7 card? What will be the next Microsoft product to be released with the number 7 ... the XBOX 7? Who knows.

    You would think that a company that has been in the OS and GUI business for this long wouldn't have better reviews. Reviews that would include comments like wicked, mind blowing, innovative, show stopper, best thing since sliced bread, its all that and a bag of chips ...  Have they drifted away from their core competency and are now playing catchup? Should they have spent all those advertising dollars on Jerry Seinfeld or should they of focused their efforts on creating an intuitive, sexy, stable, innovative platform?

    Maybe its time for Microsoft to get Vince from the sham wow commercials involved? The guy is awesome at selling anything. He takes something so extremely dull and makes you want to buy ten of them. My slap chop should be arriving next week. And yes, I ordered a couple of extras for the crew here at Crank ;)


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