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Storyboard 1.1.1 ... Hover help and Lua Doc integration

Jul 9, 2010 12:52:18 PM

This morning I just committed a change to the Storyboard Designer 1.1.1 code that fixes a rather annoying bug we introduced as part of the code completion where if you typed a space then didn't type something else right away we would kick into auto-code completion mode ... both embarrassing and annoying.

The editor now behaves properly and you can invoke Lua code completion by using the  CTRL+SPACE keychord and not worry about spurious auto-completions.

While I was in that code, I found another platform configuration bug that was preventing us from properly showing hover information.  Fixing that bug we've now got proper LuaDoc integration in the editor!

This is pretty nice for long Lua scripts ... as you can see here you can annotate your own Lua functions with comments and they should propagate through live (after you save).  The syntax for LuaDoc is pretty straightforward, looking a lot like JavaDoc/Doxygen documentation formatting and you can find a quick overview in the LuaDoc manual.


Thomas Fletcher
Written by Thomas Fletcher

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