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    Storyboard 1.1.1 update is available

    Sep 13, 2010 10:31:38 AM

    Storyboard Suite development is in full force. The crew here has been hard at work implementing changes and resolving issues posted from customers and from our own internal testing. We are now at a point where we have enough changes to release a Storyboard update.

    Storyboard 1.1.1 will not be delivered as a standalone installation like the previous Storyboard 1.1, but only an update. The update can be installed two ways from within Storyboard Designer.

    • Simply click on Help -> Check for Updates
    • Or click on Help -> Install New Software -> Add and paste this link into the space provided


    NOTE: The new update will work with either Storyboard Designer 1.0 or 1.1.

    So you are interested. Why would you want to update your installation to Storyboard 1.1.1? Well there are a number of good reasons to upgrade. One being we have exposed a number of internal variables so they can be set within Storyboard itself. Previously the only way to access these variables was via Lua script. Now they are presented with the rest of the variables in the properties view for the control or layer being viewed.

    In Storyboard 1.1 we released a Lua debugger to help developers get further insight into what might be going wrong with their Lua scripts. To enable the Lua debugger there were a few manual steps that had to take place to get it up and running. We have made that manual process pretty much obsolete in Storyboard 1.1.1. Our developers have taken all those manual steps and instead provided a checkbox option.

    Last but not least are bug fixes and performance tuning. Every product needs a little tuning to provide the best possible development experience for our customers and individuals evaluating Storyboard. The list is too long to list here but comments from our Beta testers are promising.

    As always we look forward to comments/feedback from our customers and with Storyboard 1.1.1 that hasn’t changed. Please feel free to provide comments, ideas, feedback, fanfare, etc in our forums or shoot us an email.


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    Jamie Villeneuve
    Written by Jamie Villeneuve

    Application Engineer at Crank Software

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