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    Storyboard 1.1, are you ready for it?

    May 5, 2010 4:52:31 PM

    As we are closing out the last few issues on our Storyboard Suite1.1 and doing the final testing I thought I'd give you a quick update on some of the new features it will include. The biggest addition to this release will be many new supported platforms for the Storyboard Engine. The list of new Engine platforms supported in 1.1 include :

    • WinCE 6.0 (X86 and ARM)
    • QNX6 AGTDK for PPC and SH4 platforms in addition to x86 and ARM
    • Linux support for Renesas SH4 platforms
    • Linux DirectFB render back-end
    • OpenVG  render back-end ... Beagleboard developers rejoice!

    Other feature that have been added to the engine include support for a polygon render extension which makes it very easy to create and animate a dial, so watch out digital instrument clusters here comes Crank.

    On the Designer side of the Suite there have been few a big features added along with many performance and ease of use improvements. The majors changes with Storyboard Designer 1.1 are :

    • Supports Linux hosted development
    • Includes a initial release of our Lua debugger
    • Project merge support has been added
    • General Lua editor improvements

    We'll post the complete release notes as we get closer(next week) but I thought I'd give you the short version today.


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    Jason Clarke
    Written by Jason Clarke

    Jason is a co-founder and VP of Sales of Sales and Marketing at Crank Software. With over 20 years of embedded systems experience (with a focus on embedded graphics), and an engineer by trade, he is a mountain biking enthusiast and can be found on the trails behind the Crank office on a regular basis.

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