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    Storyboard 1.0.1: Merry Christmas!

    Dec 24, 2009 11:04:53 AM

    Just in case you haven't fully made up your mind on what you wanted for Christmas, here is one last minute idea that you can add to your list for Santa: Storyboard 1.0.1 ... released just hours before Santa's getting his sleigh ready for transit!


    Storyboard 1.0.1 Update Site


    If you are already a Storyboad user, then you will be able to pick up this update automatically from within the Storyboard Designer tool:  Help > Check For Updates
    The update is definitely worth Santa's attention.  We've added a few control alignment features (from Thomas), made some big performance improvements and drastically improved the user experience when loading up Storyboard with lots of images.  We've also fixed the very annoying bug that stopped us from seeing updated images when we changed the underlying content (thank you Rodney).  Look for the next Storyboard Designer update early in the New Year as we welcome 2010 with some new animation design functionality (thank you Sam and Jason).
    Not to be left out in the cold, we've also provided an update to the Storyboard Engine runtime components.  We've put out a custom installer with updates to Storyboard Engine (thank you Jamie).  We've rolled the same updates from the win32 simulator into all our runtimes for Linux (arm, x86; sdl, fbdev) and QNX Neutrino (arm, x86, ppc; sdl, agtdk) (thank you Chris and Brian).
    We're off for the holidays, but we've all got some pet projects for the holidays ... OpenVG, Open GL ES, VNC support, data base bindings, GIMP/XCF importer, Lua script debugger, Application skinning ...  I can't wait for 2010! 
    Happy Holidays! 
     Thomas & the rest of the Crank Software team

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    Thomas Fletcher
    Written by Thomas Fletcher

    Thomas is a co-founder and VP of Research and Development. With 20+ years in embedded software development and a frequent presenter at leading industry events, Thomas is a technical thought leader on Embedded System Architecture and Design, Real-time Performance Analysis, Power Management, and High Availability. Thomas holds a Master of Computer Engineering from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria.

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