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Storyboard 3.0 shown in use by QNX CAR Bentley Concept HMI


Today the Crank team released the latest version of our embedded user interface and HMI framework Storyboard Suite: Storyboard 3.0.

This Storyboard release extends our integration with mobile platforms by introducing iOS support and a tighter integration with Android Java APIs. The new timeline animation editor and recorder makes the creation of rich visual effects easier than ever before and by adding OpenGL 2.0 custom shader support we've opened the door to creative and engaging designs that have previously only been achievable with time consuming software development build and compile cycles.

You don't have to look far to see Storyboard 3.0 technology already being put to use.  The QNX CAR concept team, working with the pre-release versions of Storyboard 3.0 assembled a stunning HMI going from HMI concept to deployment in just 8 weeks just goes to show how powerful and enabling a good HMI framework and system abstraction layer can work together.