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Storyboard for STMicroelectronics

Mar 24, 2010 8:35:21 PM

We have been working on some new operating system ports including 2 from STMicroelectronics

The first is a custom RTOS called OS21.  This is a tasked based RTOS which also includes a graphics framework for low level access.  Storyboard is up and running on this board and is working well.  This port was great as it allowed us to further test Storyboard with statically linked plugins on a lower end processor.  We have all of the animations working including screen transitions using the boards second graphics layer.  This makes for very good performance and a compelling user interface for a low end platform.

The second platform is STLinux.  This was a very fast port for Storyboard since we already run across multiple linux distributions with little effort.  The graphics interface is using DirectFB and under the covers has a hardware accelerated graphics driver.  All of the Storyboard plugins and features are working well here also.

Stay tuned for more platforms to come ...


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Brian Edmond
Written by Brian Edmond

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