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    Storyboard gets OpenVG

    Jan 7, 2010 9:35:45 AM

    We have been hard at work enhancing Storyboard and taking advantage of new rendering technologies.  Recently I decided to add OpenVG into the mix. 

    OpenVG is a vector graphics rendering API from the Khronos group.  There are hardware based accelerators from some vendors including Freescale for such boards as the i.MX35.  Storyboard can now render via the OpenVG API and take advantage of this hardware acceleration.  This also gives us acceleration for rendering effects such as gradients, rotation and scaling.  We can also provide the image effects such as convolution and blur via this API and custom render extensions.

    The port was developed and verified using the OpenVG reference implementation provided by the Khronos group.  The reference implementation generally runs on windows using glut and there were a few changes required to build it under a linux system, which we would be happy to provide to anyone who wants them.

    Stay tuned for the next renderer ...


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    Brian Edmond
    Written by Brian Edmond

    Brian co-founded Crank Software in 2007, after leading the graphics development group at QNX Software Systems where he spent the majority of his career working and consulting on UI design, embedded software architecture, and web browser technology. As he watched embedded graphics teams struggle, he developed an acute understanding of the common workflow problem between the designers and engineers. Brian built Crank Storyboard out of this need to help these teams collaborate more effectively, optimize for exceptional performance, and get their award-winning touch screens to market, close to 50% faster. A triathlon and mountain biking enthusiast (explaining the name Crank Software), Brian is a regular Ironman and cyclocross participant, and can often be found biking the trails with his co-founders behind the Crank offices in Kanata, Ottawa. Brian holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia.

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