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Try it now! Storyboard demo image for the Renesas RZA1

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Want to be able to quickly and easily interact with Storyboard Suite applications on your hardware? Our pre-built and packaged demos make it easy for you to test drive multi-market applications designed for specific hardware platforms, letting you experience the powerful controls and smooth animations that create beautiful UIs and rich user experiences.

A washing machine that makes laundry enjoyable?

Intuitive and beautiful user interfaces make us want to interact with the appliances and gadgets that are a part of our everyday lives. The Storyboard Suite smart washing machine application is a shining example of an engaging user experience. Drill down into operational settings, track progress through cycles, and delight in the modern aesthetic expected by today's technology-savvy user. It might even make you want to do laundry.

This demo image includes everything you need to get up and running on a Renesas RZA1 platform in minutes.

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