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3D Transition effects

Mar 30, 2011 10:23:23 PM

The Storyboard runtime is extensible and plugin based which easily allows the addition of add on modules.  These modules can be platform independant or specific to a operating system or rendering technology.  Storyboard also supports multiple rendering backends including OpenGL ES 1.1.  Most of the core rendering is platform independant but using a plugin we can add some 3D specific features such as 3D gradients, custom image rendering or 3D screen transitions.  The existing screen transition API is very easy to use and extend.  Recently I added some 3D screen effects for use in Storyboard based on the great sample code provided by Hyperbolic Magnetism.  The code is for the iPhone but the framework ported easily to Storyboard.  Here is a video showing the transitions in action.


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Brian Edmond
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