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Crank's Showcase at Embedded World 2024: A Recap

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With numerus innovations, insightful discussions, and fruitful collaborations, Embedded World 2024, one of the most anticipated events of the embedded industry, was concluded on 11th April. Among the multitude of exhibitors, Crank AMETEK, a leading provider of embedded GUI solutions, stood out with innovative GUI solutions.

Let's take a closer look at the highlights of Crank's participation in this event.

Crank's booth was abuzz with excitement as our GUI experts presented their latest advancements in embedded graphical user interface (GUI) solutions.

From sleek designs to seamless user experiences, Crank showcased how its solutions are revolutionizing the way users interact with embedded systems across various industries like Medical, Smart Homes, IoT, EV-charging, Industrial and White Goods.

Visitors to the booth hand a chance to see Storyboard’s capabilities firsthand through live product demonstrations and demo application created for different technology partners latest hardware’s like Toradex’s - i.MX 95 and Renesas - RA8D1 which are suitable for high-performance applications in diverse areas like industrial HMI, Smart Homes, Appliances, Medical, and more.

This of course included getting to see the great new enhancements introduced with Storyboard 8.1, which included:

  • Taking design files created in Figma (or PS and Sketch) and directly importing them into Storyboard so that the design elements become the building blocks of the UI application.
  • Easily introduce changes to the design by reimporting new files into the application without disrupting the work done in the back end.
  • Leverage Lua scripting for quick creation of test points within Validator.
  • Integration with Jenkins for automating the testing process and streamlining the process of being able to dig into results without having to open Storyboard.
  • Improved search and filtering capabilities within the I/O connector.

Collaborating with Technology Partners

At Embedded World 2024, Crank demonstrated the power of collaboration through its strategic partnerships with leading technology firms. The collaboration not only highlighted Crank's commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions but also reinforced its position as a key player in the embedded GUI ecosystem. Through shared expertise and resources, Crank and its technology partners are driving innovation forward, empowering customers to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Check out this interview from Embedded World 2024 with Nick Deeble, head of global sales, talking about the Crank & STMicroelectronics partnership and what Crank does for embedded touchscreen products.

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At this year’s Embedded World booth, Crank showcased UIs built for the new STM32 MP257 and STM32H7S78 hardware and many more. Catch the full video on the STMicroelectronics YouTube channel.

If you have missed visiting us at Embedded World, you can still experience Storyboard applications on your ST platform in minutes with Crank Software demo images.

Engagement with Industry Experts

There was a wide array of people attending Embedded World 2024, this included industry experts as well as people who had ideas but were facing difficulty in implementing them. Crank made the most of this opportunity to engage with them through expert discussions and one-on-one customer meetings, Crank's team of experts exchanged ideas, shared insights, and explored new opportunities for collaboration. These interactions enriched Crank's understanding of industry trends.

Have questions about Embedded GUI development for your project? We'd love to help.

Storyboard GUI Wall of Demos on Embedded World

Crank at Arm booth

At the Arm booth Crank showcased new hardware from Renesas which included:

  • Renesas EK-RA8D1 Evaluation kit featuring a 480 MHz, Arm® Cortex®-M85 core (R7FA8D1BHECBD) referred to as RA8 MCU with an 800x480 display – this new core has the Arm Helium extensions 
  • We are using the Arm Compiler 6 (AC6) tools for optimal support for Helium instructions
  • Our demo is showcasing a 15-20% render improvement delta between pure software render and our new Arm2d+Helium accelerated libraries

GUI wall of demo at EW24

At Embedded World 2024 Crank showcased storyboard-built GUI demos on an incredible range of platforms, including:

  • Vorwerk Thermomix TM6
  • OI DragonFire Automotive Cockpit
  • STMicroelectricins - STM32 MP25 (Medical)
  • RA8 - Home Control Panel
  • Variscite - i.MX8 - EV Charger
  • STM - STM32 U599- Ecluster
  • NXP Semiconductors- i.MX95 
  • Sensi Thermostat 
  • Amazefit Watch
  • Bravilor Coffee Machine
  • Commercial kitchen frier
  • Stages Bike Computer
  • Toradex - i.MX95
  • Renesas - RA8D1 

As the embedded industry continues to evolve, innovation remains key to staying ahead of the curve. Crank's participation at the event GUI left an indelible impression on attendees as they revealed revolutionary solutions and collaborated with industry experts.

We thank all the visitors who stopped by our booth and showed interest in our GUI solutions. We loved listening to your insights, queries, and feedback. 

We look forward to seeing you again next year!

In case you missed visiting us at Embedded World, you can try the Storyboard for free and check our ready-to-deploy demo images.