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Powering Next-Gen Renesas RA8D1 MCUs with Crank's GUI Expertise

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Renesas Electronics recently launched their RA8 group of microcontrollers, offering unparalleled performance and versatility.

The RA8D1 is the industry's first 32-bit graphics-enabled microcontroller (MCU) based on the Arm Cortex-M85 (CM85) core along with Arm’s Helium & TrustZone capabilities. It offers high performance of over 3000 CoreMark points at 480 MHz and graphics capabilities that facilitate high-resolution displays and Vision AI applications.

Renesas’s RA8D1 also offers the flexibility to choose from 2 MB/2048 KB and 1 MB/1024 KB code flash memory. This way if you need high programming capacity you can go with 2 MB otherwise you can go with 1 MB option to reduce BOM costs.

Who Can Benefit from the Renesas RA8D1 MCU?

The RA8D1 hardware series was designed to be a general-purpose microcontroller, so whether your intent is keeping assembly lines running smoothly in factories, adding extra smarts to your home appliances, or simply making the consumer living space smarter with seamless automation, the RA8D1 has you covered. Plus, it's not just about work and home life - this hardware is also capable driving the next wave of products for smart buildings or homes that are both secure and energy-efficient or powering the devices and systems that help save lives. With its adaptability and top-notch performance, the RA8D1 is primed to offer the embedded industry a competitive edge in the global market.

Top Advantages that RA8D1 Offers

What sets the RA8 series apart from others?

The Renesas RA8D1 MCU stands out with its advanced features tailored for demanding embedded applications. The RA8D1 features interfaces that seamlessly adapt to your specific display and memory requirements, providing tailored solutions for your development needs. And when it comes to security, the RA8D1 enables highly secure IoT applications, ensuring your connections are shielded from threats. Here are just some of its listed capabilities:

  • High Performance: Powered by the Arm® Cortex® - M85 core running at up to 480 MHz, the RA8D1 delivers exceptional processing power for smooth operation.
  • Enhanced Security: With built-in security features such as AES and RSA encryption and secure boot capabilities, the RA8D1 ensures robust protection against cyber threats, making it one of the best choices for secure applications.
  • Rich Connectivity: Equipped with serial communications interface including USBFS, SCI, and I3C, the RA8D1 facilitates seamless integration with various peripherals and external devices.
  • Low Power Consumption: Despite high performance, the RA8D1 maintains energy efficiency, prolonging battery life and reducing overall power consumption.
  • Scalability: Available in different memory configurations like up to 2 MB code flash memory and 12 KB data flash memory and different package options, the RA8D1 offers great scalability to meet the diverse requirements of embedded projects.

Coupled with Crank's Storyboard support in graphical user interface (GUI) development, the duo can revolutionize the embedded product's user interface (UI) providing a top-notch user experience (UX).

Create Embedded Products with Compelling User Experiences

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Why choose Storyboard?

Crank Storyboard has a unique decoupled development architecture crafted to remove the issues typically associated with traditional UI development tools.

It has a separation between front-end design and back-end logic environments, allowing developers and designers to collaborate and work together to develop, enhance, and test the application at the same time. Moreover, the GUI development workflow is easy to use, making it easy and quick for all developers to embrace the design iteration process.

  • Effortless Integration: Crank Storyboard seamlessly integrates with Renesas development tools, enabling quick and hassle-free development of GUIs tailored for the RA8D1 platform.
  • Quick & easy Development: IDE to develop HMIs including prototyping, debugging and profiling.
  • Intuitive Design Tools: With Storyboard, developers can easily create stunning graphics and animations, enhancing the user experience of embedded products powered by the RA8D1.
  • Optimized Performance: Crank's lightweight runtime engine ensures optimal performance on resource-constrained devices like the RA8D1, without compromising on visual fidelity or responsiveness.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Crank's GUI solutions support multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, offering you the flexibility and compatibility to choose for diverse embedded projects.
  • Extensive Support: Crank provides comprehensive technical support and documentation, empowering developers to maximize the potential of the RA8D1 MCU and unleash the full capabilities of their embedded products.

Using Renesas RA8D1 and Crank Storyboard you can make incredible embedded products with screens that are easy to use and look amazing.

Crank has created sample demo images that you can directly flash on to your hardware and get up and running on a Renesas platform in minutes. You can experience Storyboard on Renesas Electronics hardware for different segments such as IoT, Smart Homes, E-bike, Washing Machine and more.