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Storyboard 8.1: Elevating User Experience with Innovative Features and Seamless Design Process

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We are thrilled to announce that the latest version of Storyboard is out now!!

With the new enhanced features, Storyboard 8.1 helps speed up the development of creating beautiful, distinctive GUIs that users desire in modern products and can help drive product differentiation. This release is not just an update; it's a design revolution that redefines how developers and designers craft seamless, user-centric interfaces.

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Why Storyboard 8.1 for UI Development?

Regardless of the market for which a product is being built, user experience has quickly become a crucial element of the final product. Therefore, ensuring that the UI/UX designer’s vision is the same as the final GUI app that goes to market is vital.

With the latest release, Storyboard solves some of the common problems that are experienced by the embedded teams, including:

  1. Valuable development time lost trying to recreate the designer’s vision.
  2. Embedded products going to market with an underwhelming UI/UX experience.
  3. Slower time-to-market due to longer development cycles crafting the perfect UI.
  4. Reduced user satisfaction with the product, resulting in lower product sales.

Apart from all these, ensuring the designer’s vision is the same as the final GUI application being developed can often be challenging.

The embedded GUI experts at Crank, understand the significance of streamlining the process of transforming a UI/UX designer's vision into a reality for development teams. We have introduced many new features that make the development process of GUIs more effortless, providing the perfect user experience for the end-users.

Here are the newly added features of Storyboard 8.1


The Power of Native Figma Design File Imports


One of the standout features of Storyboard 8.1 is its extended support for the native import of Figma design files on top of already available Photoshop and Sketch file import support. Imagine having the ability to integrate your Figma designs directly into your development workflow seamlessly. With this enhancement, developers and designers now have unprecedented creative freedom, enabling them to transform their vision into reality with remarkable speed.

Learn more about importing design files from your favorite design tool.

Efficiency Redefined: Re-importing Changed Figma Design Files


Storyboard 8.1 goes beyond just importing Figma designs; it streamlines the design process further with support for re-importing changed Figma design files. You won't have to deal with cumbersome adjustments or manual tweaks. This feature ensures that adapting GUI applications to evolving user needs is swift and incredibly efficient, saving time and effort.

UI Testing Made Effortless: With Lua-Integrated Test Points & Capture-Playback Recording Through I/O Connector

In the pursuit of creating a seamless user experience, UI testing is paramount. With Storyboard 8.1, the power of the Validator reaches new heights with Lua-integrated test points. Developers can now ensure the robustness of their designs with ease, making the testing process not just comprehensive but also incredibly flexible.

But that's not all – In Storyboard 8.1, the integration of capture-playback recording through an I/O connector takes testing convenience to the next level. Imagine being able to capture interactions and play them back effortlessly. With Storyboard 8.1, testing becomes a breeze, allowing developers to identify and address issues with unparalleled efficiency, ultimately fast-tracking the time to market.

Streamlining Workflow: Noteworthy Improvements in Storyboard 8.1

Storyboard 8.1 introduces several enhancements for a smoother user experience. The I/O connector now offers improved search and filtering, streamlining element location. Live and saved tabs share a common code for the event list, ensuring consistency in projects with a high event volume.

Font Mapping displays previous selections, simplifying file imports and reducing the chance of overlooking fonts. Engine and JS debugger launch syncing is optimized, eliminating the need for an NPM install command. Additionally, users can now turn Lua file scanning on/off for reference images, expediting image resource cleanup. These upgrades collectively enhance workflow efficiency in Storyboard 8.1.

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How will these enhancements boost your UI/UX development journey?

  • Speed up product development by removing the time it takes to search and replace modified UI graphics (Figma/Sketch/Photoshop assets) for the product with Storyboard’s unique rapid design import and iteration technology.
  • Transform the iteration process into agile, so that refining products to exceed customer expectations can be done at any stage in the development cycle without impeding development efforts.
  • Test more frequently and efficiently while developing, catching issues earlier in the development process to ensure an exceptional UI/UX.

Upgrade Now and Experience the Future of UI/UX Design

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a visionary designer, this release is crafted to empower you with the tools and features needed to bring your creative aspirations to life.

Ready to elevate your user experiences to new heights? Upgrade to Storyboard 8.1 today and join us on this exciting design journey.

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