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    Crank GUI software is everywhere at Embedded World 2015

    Feb 26, 2015 4:49:15 AM

    Day 2 kept us busy in the booth with a lot of people coming to check out the GUI software demos on our partner's hardware and Storyboard Suite demos.

    I managed to get out of the booth a few times to visit some partners, and while traveling around the 5 exhibition floors I felt like I was playing a game of Where's Waldo?, Crank Edition. Storyboard Suite demos were everywhere! I don't know if I found them all, but here are some of the companies showcasing Storyboard Suite UIs using GUI software.

    Check out the Crank Storyboard medical demo in the following booths:

    • Freescale booth (4A-220)
    • Keith & Koep (4-241)
    • Microsoft (4-240)
    • Green Hills Software (4-325)

    Freescale, Crank Software

    Keith &  Koep, Crank Software Microsoft, Crank Software

    Green Hills Software, Crank Software

    See the Atmel treadmill demo built with Storyboard Suite in the Farnell element 14 booth (5-221) and in the Atmel booth 4-230.

    Atmel, Crank Software Farnell, Freescale, Crank Software

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