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From FTF 2015: Storyboard Suite IoT GUI Demos

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Hello from Austin!

It's day 3 at the show and we promised some photos and an update on all things Crank Software at FTF 2015. It's exciting to see multi-market demos for the Internet of Things in the Technology Lab developed using Storyboard Suite, some of them by us, and some by our partners. Check out the photos and video below to get a vibe for what's going on at the show.

News coverage of the home automation IoT demo

Unfortunately, there was only time to showcase a small portion of the functionality in this coverage, but check out the Storyboard Suite designed IoT home demo at FTF 2015. It starts at 6:25, so you can just skip right to the good stuff. :)

Storyboard Suite GUI design demos in the Technology Lab


Crank Software FTF2015 booth
Crank Software demo pedestals 102 & 103 in the Technology Lab at FTF 2015
Hands-on Lab at FTF 2015 by Crank Software
Crank Software VP Jason Clarke leading a hands-on lab at FTF 2015 on Day 2. The Evolution of Embedded GUI Design: From Photoshop to Crank Storyboard Suite to i.MX Series Hardware in Minutes
Storyboard Suite audio demo at FTF 2015 in the Freescale booth
Freescale Audio Solutions booth at FTF 2015, featuring an audio application demo built with Storyboard Suite
In-car Infotainment
In-car Infotainment demo by Freescale in Freescale & Green Hills Software booths at FTF 2015
Green Hills Software Storyboard Suite Demo
Multi-market application demo designed and developed with Storyboard Suite for Green Hills Software INTEGRITY RTOS
IoT Demo Storyboard Suite FTF
Freescale's Clark Jarvis providing a demo of the IoT home at FTF 2015