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Prototype FAST ... Storyboard is Lean UX

Mar 19, 2013 10:46:22 AM

One site that I hit as part of my regular graphics/UI/UX reading is Smashing Magazine.  They are an invaluable resource for all aspects

Looking through some of the archives at older posts that I've missed I came across this totally awesome article on the concept and implementation of "Lean UX".

The reason that this detailed review of Lean UX excites me is that it exactly describes the motivation we had in creating our Storyboard Suite product.  When we demonstrate the use of Storyboard to quickly create working UI prototypes that can be immediately turned into products there is a universal sense by customers that Storyboard is going to significantly improve the way they work.

To customers Storyboard and Lean UX means:

Storyboard shortens the feedback loop from customers back to designers on UI/HMI issues and does it not only in a simulated environment but on the actual embedded target(s) that will be used to build the final product.  

Storyboard Suite's speed of development and deployment means that discussions can focus on optimizing the UI experience rather than simply delivering content to be built into the product.

If Lean UX and Agile UX methods  then get a Storyboard Free Evaluation and make it work for you!


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