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Simulink Driven Storyboard Input Simulation via Storyboard IO

Mar 5, 2013 1:25:03 PM

Last week Crank was at Embedded World in Germany showing off the latest release of Storyboard Suite by showing deployed applications on a wide variety of operating system/hardware platforms:

QNX/i.MX 6, Linux/Atmel, Linux/TI Panda Board, Linux/Fujitsu Jade, SeggeremOS/emWin/SH2A

Storyboard allows this wide deployment by strongly enforcing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and using Storyboard IO as a generic event interface to drive the user interface.

Just down the hall from the Crank Software booth was the Mathworks booth where they were showing off their Matlab and Simulink tools which are great for building and modelling complex system behaviour and observing expected results.  Since these results are representative of real world data, it seems that it would make an ideal input source for a Storyboard based application.

... a quick chat with one of the Mathworks developers gave me the insight I needed to quickly put together a data binding from the Simulink tool to a Storyboard application:

The key was to use a UDP data stream and then create a small UDP server that could receive the data and then forward it along to a Storyboard application using an event over Storyboard IO.

The complete example along with the UDP server for Storyboard IO redirect has been added to our forums.


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Thomas Fletcher
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