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Relentless Curiosity

Jun 1, 2010 10:45:30 AM

I have a great admiration for people who build user interfaces and manage the user experience of a product.

As anyone who has ever build any sort of product with a graphical user interface knows ... everyone is a UI expert (read critic) and the further they are away from the implementation, the more abstract the criticisms are.

Personally I'm an implementer .. a nuts and bolts behind the scenes framework kind of guy.  I have often wondered where user interface/experience experts draw their inspiration from so that when presented with a blank canvas they don't just roll back to the standard desktop approaches using  buttons and text areas.

Perusing the Method site, guys who engage in a mix of  product marketing, branding and user interface development, I came across a bit of insight regarding the source for new user interface inspiration ... Relentless Curiosity.

In my mind Storyboard provides a great environment for this kind of exploration.  An empty canvas free of traditional baggage populated with content as rich as your imagination (and creative tooling!) can provide!


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Thomas Fletcher
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