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    Storyboard Suite is now released (and a few other notes)

    Nov 11, 2009 10:09:41 PM

    In case you missed all the news we've how released our Storyboard Suite!!! You can find the press release on our site at the following link.

    It's been a busy couple of busy months during the push for release and we've had to keep our heads down and stay focused to get all functionality and quality we wanted into this release (and our team pulled it off with flying colors). We are very proud of what we've accomplished and excited for everyone to give it a try. So go download it! and then go to our forums and tell us what you think.

    Also a couple of other little notes. We published a webinar on TechOnline that you can see here. And we added a videos section on our website to allow you to have a look at our tool and help you get started.

    So that's all the links and updates I have for now.


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    Jason Clarke
    Written by Jason Clarke

    Jason is a co-founder and VP of Sales of Sales and Marketing at Crank Software. With over 20 years of embedded systems experience (with a focus on embedded graphics), and an engineer by trade, he is a mountain biking enthusiast and can be found on the trails behind the Crank office on a regular basis.

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