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Showing off next-gen embedded UIs at Embedded World 2020.

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The biggest embedded event of the year. 

The team at Crank is busy preparing for our biggest event of the year, Embedded World. From the latest trends to the best designs, we’re excited to talk all things embedded UIs. We’ll be showcasing next-gen embedded UIs powered by Storyboard at our booth (Hall 4, Booth 459). If you’re attending, come say hi and chat with our experts about: 

  • How to reduce your BOM with Storyboard Lite
  • How to save battery power with Hybrid Rendering  
  • Our upcoming Storyboard release
  • The newest boards from our partners
  • Who’s using Crank Software and Storyboard to get to market faster

Let's meet up at EW20. 

Reduce your BOM with Storyboard Lite.

Our UI design and development software, Storyboard was created to be platform-agnostic so that development teams can create UIs optimized for hardware performance and tailored for user experiences. Now, with the introduction of Storyboard Lite, you can reduce resource requirements, maximize reusability and save on platform costs by excluding external memory controllers.

Storyboard Lite uses the same development environment that Crank is known for but now allows teams to design embedded UI applications that aren’t bloated with extra components. We’ll be showing off Storyboard Lite by featuring the STMicroelectronics STM32H7 to STM32MP1 and NXP’s RT1050 to i.MX 8 processors.

Learn how Storyboard Lite helps teams build apps that are tailor-made for their hardware,
especially for small resource-constrained targets.

Save battery power with Hybrid Rendering.

Battery life is a crucial consideration for creating embedded UI devices and their user experiences. To build out the smartphone-inspired experience that today’s consumers expect, the use of a 3D GPU is required - but with it comes the cost of more power. With Storyboard’s Hybrid Rendering, embedded UIs can be built using both 2D and 3D graphics/animations without decimating the battery life of the device.

Nominated for Embedded Award.
Storyboard's hybrid rendering technology placed us in a group of three finalists recognized for innovative software at Embedded World. See why. 

Hybrid rendering is critical for battery-driven wearable and IoT-based devices that need to provide users with a rich graphical experience yet take advantage of dramatic power savings whenever possible, to extend the life of the device between charges. See how Hybrid Rendering saves you power without any extra efforts on NXP’s i.MX 7ULP board.

Nik Jedrzejewski, NXP Product Line Manager, talks about the benefits of hybrid rendering.

Get a sneak peak of our next release.

Stopping by our Embedded World booth not only means you’ll get a bunch of Canadian goodies, but you’ll also be the first to get an intro of our upcoming Storyboard product release. Our team will be delivering live demos that focus on Storyboard’s best features (stay tuned for the demo schedule!). In addition to adding features to elevate your workflow processes, some of the core enhancements being introduced include new ways to get insights that help with UI development decisions.

Chat with the Crank team. 

See who’s using Storyboard to get to market faster.

More and more, Crank Software customers are using Storyboard to create innovative, embedded UI products that hit the market faster and easier than their previous development process - before Storyboard. Two current Crank projects have recent 2019 Red Dot Award wins. The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, that many of our design-conscious brands strive to win. We’ll be displaying one of them, the Vorwerk Thermomix TM6 containing Storyboard-built graphics at our booth. We’ll also have the Sensi thermostat to interact with. 

In a few weeks, we’ll be hopping on a plane, travelling across the globe, and bringing our friendly Canadian energy to the show. We hope to see you there - eh?!

Crank Software will be at Embedded World 2020 Come see what we've been up to.