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On Creating a Common Layered Image Format ...

May 1, 2013 12:05:27 PM

An important functionality of Storyboard Designer is our ability to decompose a Photoshop PSD file into its various layer, group, image and text components and allow users to incorporate those elements directly into their embedded user interfaces.

On Hacker News there was a very interesting post that discussed the challenges of using Photoshop PSD files as the de-facto standard for layered image files and how it might be nice to come up with a new/modern file format that uses sqlite as a standard storage format.

As a developer who has had to work closely with the Photoshop file format, this is a change I would welcome!  Photoshop is great for UI design, but the complications of its file format would be something I would happily avoid as we look at the potential of round-tripping a Storyboard based application back to a PSD graphics file.


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Thomas Fletcher
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