Try it now: NXP i.MX 6ULL demo image

i.MX 6ULL demo image

Curious to see Storyboard Suite in action on your hardware? Our pre-built and packaged demos make it easy for you to test drive different types of applications designed for specific hardware platforms, letting you experience the powerful controls and smooth animations that create beautiful UIs.

i.MX 6ULL demo for medical, white goods, and home automation

This image includes everything you need to get up and running on an i.MX 6ULL platform in minutes, offering the following demos:

  • Smart washing machine – drill down into operational settings and track progress through cycles
  • Medical – browse through typical patient diagnostics, electronic health records (EHR), and security verification
  • Home automation – play with temperature controls, check out local weather, and customize lighting throughout the floorplan

Also included are instructions for flashing the image to an SD card and running it on your own board.


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GUI Design with Storyboard Suite for the Renesas RZ/A1

Crank Software GUI Design for Renesas RZ/A1It’s Demo Friday! Ok, that’s probably not a thing but it is Friday and we’ve got a new demo for you. Today’s demo further showcases the scalability of GUI design with Storyboard Suite.

The Renesas RZ/A1 MPU’s unique architecture – with up to 10 megabytes (MB) of on-chip RAM and the ability to execute in place from inexpensive QSPI flash memory – eliminates the need for SDRAM from Linux systems, enabling high performance, low-cost systems and simple board design.

GUI Design demo for the Renesas RZ/A1

This demo quickly showcases home-security and washing machine applications built with Storyboard Suite for the Renesas RZ/A1 MPU running XIP Linux. The video shows the applications running directly on hardware, with touch interaction.

(Check out the 40 second mark to see how impressively fast we get the application up and running on hardware. Blink and you’ll miss it!)

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Rapid and Scalable GUI Design with Storyboard Suite

STM32 MCU evaluation board and Storyboard SuiteAs we create multi-market demo applications here at Crank, we like to deploy them across multiple hardware platforms to fully test their look and feel. This helps us ensure that the GUI design we’ve created performs and looks as intended, and it also helps us validate the scalability of Storyboard Suite across different platforms.

GUI Design Demo

Here’s a quick video of a Storyboard Suite demo featuring 3 applications deployed to an STM32 MCU evaluation board. These applications were created by UI Designers quickly in Storyboard Suite, ensuring an elegant visual design and a rich user experience.