HMI demos and Storyboard Suite at TU-Automotive Detroit 2015

TU-Automotive Detroit is just around the corner, June 3-4 in Novi, Michigan, so we are getting the Storyboard Suite demos ready to hit the road. This is a great automotive show to check out the latest in connected car technology, autonomous driving, safety & security, mobility, and more!

Crank Software is at the Detroit Auto Show

See us at TU-Automotive Detroit, June 3-4

HMI & Storyboard Suite demos in the Crank booth, C113

Stop by the Crank Software booth (C113) to see some cool automotive HMI cluster and infotainment demos on a variety of platforms, created by our talented design team using Storyboard Suite. In addition, we will be demoing the ease of designing, developing, and deploying rich HMIs with the latest features in Storyboard, so be sure to talk to us about taking a tour of our tool suite.

Partner demos

While cruising the show floor, visit the QNX Software Systems booth, #C92, to see a digital instrument cluster developed with Storyboard Suite.
Speaking of QNX, check out a recent guest post we contributed to the QNX Auto blog, to learn more about designing automotive clusters.

Storyboard Suite Free Trial

 Previous automotive HMIs developed with Storyboard Suite


QNX Concept Car – Bentley Center Stack created with Storyboard Suite

Start your (embedded) Engines! Storyboard Suite 3.2.1…GO!

Our Storyboard Suite 3.2 release last year was packed full of new features for the design, embedded engine and browser. Now that it has been “in the wild” for 6 months and customers have been using it to create user interfaces (UI) for their embedded applications, we’ve been getting great feedback about which features users love, which ones could benefit from a little refinement, and which new features would be helpful to respond to embedded UI design pain points. We value the comments and questions we get from our customers, because it provides us an opportunity to make Storyboard better and to constantly fine tune the experience of building UIs for embedded applications.

SB_3.2.1We are excited to announce the release of Storyboard Suite 3.2.1, available now

While Storyboard Suite 3.2.1 won’t make coffee for you (although you could use it to build a wicked UI for a coffee machine), we have added the following support and enhancements:

  • Storyboard QNX 6.5 runtime has been validated against the most recent QNX 6.6 release
  • Keycode support for non-visible keyboard keys such as function and arrow keys
  • Improved Polygon rendering
  • Added termination events for built-in table scrolling
  • Improved animation scaling
  • To facilitate working with multiple PSD files for different elements of an application design, we’ve added the option for users to add a namespace prefix during the Photoshop PSD File import
  • Embedded C Header Export supports all project resources, such as fonts, images, and scripts
  • Refined model comparison algorithm significantly improves the merge experience

If you are a current Storyboard Suite customer, you can update to 3.2.1 directly from Storyboard Designer.

If you aren’t a current customer, sign up for a free 30-day evaluation of Storyboard Suite. This isn’t a watered-down version of Storyboard. It’s a fully-functioning version to provide you the opportunity to use the breadth of Storyboard’s features to build UIs for your embedded projects.

Storyboard Suite 3.2.1 by CrankDownload a free 30 day evaluation of a fully functional version of Storyboard Suite 3.2.1 now. 

QNX … 30 Years Young!

QNX is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and has come out with a refreshed version of how QNX touches your life everyday (30 ways of course!).

Crank and QNX have a special heritage.  Not only are we corporate partners, but many of our employees have had tenure at QNX and have participated in the development of some of QNX’s most significant products and technologies including the Neutrino micro-kernel, Momentics Tool Suite, Core Graphics and Photon microGUI and Aviage Multimedia Suite.

We are deeply committed to product excellence for embedded platforms, and QNX provides a great environment for embedded and we are already preparing Storyboard for QNX’s next release Software Development Platform 6.5.0.

Congratulations QNX on 30 years of excellence in embedded software development!


Storyboard as a GF Application Builder

One of the nicest things that the Storyboard product is providing is a mechanism by which you can quickly turn visual prototypes (ie something designed in Photoshop) into working application code (ie something running on an embedded target).

With the Eclipse DemoCamp coming up this week, Jason has been working on demonstrating a nice streamlined walk-through of Storyboard (under 5 minutes) where we take a Photoshop PSD file and transform that into a running application.  If you are interested in an early, unannotated, version of the walk through, you can catch it as  a YouTube video.  

What is super cool about this is that if you wanted to build an application for a plaftorm like QNX’s GF framework, where there is no GUI application builder, you all of a sudden have  an interactive application design tool that is available to you that allows rapid integration with your embedded target.

See you at DemoCamp on Thursday!